Bright morning sky image background representing the vast possibilities of what can be achieved by working with Bendigo creative agency Creative Revolution for web design, logo design and branding, and digital marketing campaigns.

We design high-impact websites, remarkable brands, and powerful digital marketing campaigns for Bendigo businesses just like yours.

If you like the idea of working one-to-one with a talented designer to take your local business or organisation to the next level, then we’d love hear from you!


As a micro-business, our creative director Ché Stevenson is hands-on involved in every single project, providing intimate service and delivering exceptional outcomes.

“I am delighted with the new Realm website! Ché took the time to get to know us and from his insight created the vision for our new online presence. He created a beautiful visual experience that perfectly presents our brand.”
Janita Norman, Lead Building Designer at Realm Building Design and happy custom web design and digital marketing client of Creative Revolution.

Janita Norman

Lead Designer, Realm Building Design

“Creative Revolution were wonderful to deal with for an entire custom rebuild of our Shopify website Tiny Sprout. Che was incredibly professional, listened to all our requests and implemented these promptly.”

Ash Touhey

Founder, Tiny Sprout

“I was so impressed at the depth Ché would go to find the small details that make big differences. It wasn’t just about our products, it was more about why we do what we do, who we are as a company, and what we are out to achieve.
Jason Comer, Managing Director of GE Silos

Jason Comer

Director, GE Silos

“I love the way the it all came together. Thankyou so much. The colours, font and general feel of the website work really well and I think capture my ideal audience. I enjoy the minimalism and simplicity of it.”
Nicole Woodcock headshot, client of Creative Revolution web design services.

Nicole Woodcock

Bachelor of Health Science

“The decision to appoint Ché and his team to help us develop our brand and website has been a great investment. We now get so many inquiries through the website that I have to turn the vast majority away because we’re too busy!”
Femke Foenders headshot, client of Creative Revolution custom web design and branding services.

Femke Koenders

Director, VHC Engineers

“Ché was able to guide us to think creatively, challenged our thinking, and captured the energy and unique considerations of a not for profit organisation. We are really pleased with the finished product.”

Margaret Augerinos

CEO, Centre for Non-Violence

“Ché was invaluable in helping us develop a meaningful brand with personality that connects with our audience. His expertise is obvious and his process for brand development is simple and effective.”

Dave Hughes

Emporium Creative Hub

“Ché’s approach was clear and well developed right through the project, including gaining a business understanding, setting a path to establish a brand name, employee engagement, strategic planning and implementation.”
Phil Hocking headshot, client of Creative Revolution branding strategy and design services.

Phil Hocking

CEO, Shine Bright EYM

“We engaged Ché to refresh the Kerfab brand. He successfully brought the brand up to date while still maintaining our identity. Would strongly recommend Ché for his clear thinking and detailed reasoning around branding strategies.”
Jay Chirnside headshot, client of Creative Revolution branding and digital marketing services.

Jay Chirnside

CEO, Kerfab

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‘Strategic Design’ is a design philosophy that we apply to everything we do, from web design, to strategic branding, and digital marketing campaigns. It helps us to view design holistically and produce highly effective and engaging creative work.





The first stage of Strategic Design is about fully understanding the scope of the project. Discussions, research, specifications, and ideas: these are all ways that we discover what the design needs to be and provide a spark for the creative process.

Dark starry sky representing 'Discover', the first step in Creative Revolution's Strategic Design methodology.




The second stage applies creative energy to the task of creating a vision of the design project. The design at this stage is not yet fully complete, instead providing a clear direction for further development in the next stage.

Early morning over a mountainous landscape, representing 'Design', the second step in Creative Revolution's Strategic Design methodology for creative services.




With a clear vision in place, our Strategic Design is further developed to a finished state ready for deployment. We expand and complete the initial design, being careful to remain true to the initial vision established in the design phase.

Sunrise over a grassy hill, representing 'Develop', the third step in the Strategic Design process employed by Creative Revolution to deliver web design, digital marketing, and branding projects.




The finished project is now launched, published, aired, or implemented. Depending on the project, deployment looks different, but it is always important to pay attention to the finer details to ensure a smooth takeoff and a successful mission.

Bright morning sky with a jet leaving a vapour trail, representing 'Deploy', the final step in the 'Strategic Design' process used by Bendigo creative agency Creative Revolution for web design, logo design and branding, and digital marketing campaigns.

Discover > Design > Develop > Deploy

A framework for everything we do at Creative Revolution

By following this simple conceptual framework, we view design more holistically and take responsibility for our creative work far beyond just coming up with a great idea or producing finished art.

With Strategic Design as a guiding framework, the end result is work that is more purposeful, effective, and affecting.