Next Paradigm needed to reset their brand in order to prepare for the next phase of growth. We helped them to come up with a better brand name in Nexxt Group, design a logo that reflected their capabilities and ambitions, and establish a conversion-oriented website presence and digital marketing strategy as a platform for growth.

"The website is FANTASTIC!!! We LOVE LOVE it! Really great work! It's honestly looking a lot better than our competitors if we do say so ourselves."

Aleks Dimeski

Nexxt Group CEO


Nexxt Group


Nexxt Group
Nexxt Group
Nexxt Group
Nexxt Group
Nexxt Group

Laying a foundation for growth in the hotly-contested market of enterprise business consultants

High-end branding and web design makes a powerful statement

It is amazing the cut-through that can be achieved when a business invests in branding that is on-point to their audience and market positioning, and backs it up with a distinctive website presence that delivers high-impact messages that truly resonate.

A new brand name

In mid 2021 the Next Paradigm team were coming to the end of a business entrepreneurship program which identified the need to establish a stronger brand presence to support the next phase of their business growth. They had completed highly detailed and insightful brand assessments and strategic planning, but needed someone to parse that information out and interpret it into creative solutions.

Early on in the process we flagged the issues with their current brand name, Next Paradigm, and suggested the simpler and potentially trademarkable Nexxt Group. They loved the idea and the rest is history!

Logo design

Because Nexxt Group already had a great brand strategy, we did not need to develop a new one for them, and instead we used the existing material as our creative brief and moved straight into logo concept development.

We developed three unique logo designs that addressed the creative brief in different ways. For us it is important that each concept is entirely unique, representing a distinct answer to the logo design, rather than the more common approach of developing multiple 'variations on a theme'.

Three logo design concepts for Nexxt Group.
We developed three distinct answers to the logo design creative brief.

The Nexxt Group team were attracted to the friendly, humanist style of the first concept and after a significant process of exploration of different colour variations, we arrived at the final logo design with a deep blue-black text and electric pink and purple X-es with a secondary colour palette of highly saturated aqua and orange.

Nexxt Group logo specification sheet.
The logo specification sheet includes approved logo versions and colour information.

Website design

With the logo design in the bag, we moved straight into designing the website, starting with a strategic planning session and scope document – as is our standard process for websites of greater than three pages – outlining the target audience, desired user experiences, site structure, pages, features and functionality.

Nexxt Group website design on laptop showing light mode and dark mode switcher.
Users can flick a switch on the Nexxt Group website to toggle between light mode and dark mode. Isn't that cool!?!?

The design itself needed to be high-end and feature advanced design and functional elements that intimate to the user that this is a market-leading firm. To this end we created a design that balances high-impact messaging with creative and idiosyncratic design choices.

  • Flowing animated backgrounds in key parts of the site
  • Dark mode switcher that swaps the colours on the whole site and is persistent across pages
  • Custom-designed icons
  • Surprising pops of colour on mouse hover for clickable elements
  • Animated graphics emphasise important processes
  • Simple 'primary shapes' used to represent key concepts, in lieu of generic stock photography

The end result is a website that is entirely unique and memorable, making a lasting impact on the high-powered executives that make up Nexxt Group's audience.

Nexxt group website design services page in dark mode on iMac screen.
The Nexxt Group website features a range of interesting features including animated gradient backgrounds and a dark mode switcher.

Digital marketing strategy

As we moved to launch the website in February, we turned our focus on to developing a pointed, high-impact digital marketing campaign on a modest budget. Our focus is on generating a steady trickle of high quality qualified leads, but the audiences offers some unique challenges.

Nexxt Group wants to help high-powered executives in enterprises, scale-ups, and government bodies to achieve tangible results in their projects. The challenge is that these executives are time-starved and do not respond well to overly pushy lead-generation tactics.

In response to these constraints our campaign focuses on awareness building through LinkedIn, growing our search engine presence, and building trust through credible content on the website.

Nexxt steps (sorry!)

We are kicking off the digital marketing campaign as I write this article! We are helping Nexxt Group with:

  1. Social media branded content
  2. Search engine optimisation
  3. Google Ads creative and management
  4. Email newsletter design

We are really excited to see the progress over the coming months and look forward to seeing the growth of Nexxt Group as they take on the world!

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