To say that we were excited to win the tender to provide marketing, PR and web design for a new project being launched by Creative Victoria and ACMI is an understatement. We were humbled to be chosen from a very competitive field to help the launch Emporium Creative hub, Bendigo's new creative coworking space. Here's what we've done so far.

“Ché was invaluable in helping us develop a meaningful brand with personality that connects with our audience. His expertise is obvious and his process for brand development is simple and effective.”

Dave Hughes

Manager, Emporium Creative Hub


Emporium Creative Hub


Emporium Creative Hub
Emporium Creative Hub
Emporium Creative Hub
Emporium Creative Hub
Emporium Creative Hub

Bespoke branding and website design to launch Bendigo's new creative coworking community

Giving birth to a new brand - say “hello” to Emporium Creative Hub

Once we stopped dancing around the office after winning the tender, it was time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. There was a lot to get done, in a short space of time. 

Brand strategy

One of the first things we needed to do was come up with a brand strategy, identifying the target audience and market positioning. The brand personality and brand promise emerged from this process, reflecting a space that is vibrant, connected and creative.

“Our space to create, connect, learn and grow”

Its personality? Collaborative, inspirational, outgoing and professional.

Logo design

Now that we had a name, we needed a logo that resonated with the target audience and spoke to the brand strategy. We also needed to develop a logo in less than two weeks (no pressure!!), due to the extremely tight timelines on the project.

Our logo concept was bold, creative and interesting. Featuring an idiosyncratic yet elegant typeface, the dot on the “i” becomes a sort of beacon that is surrounded by a warm red glow, positioning Emporium Creative Hub at the heart of Bendigo's creative community.

A brand style guide to direct all visual aesthetics

Brand style guide

Once we had a name and a logo we could put together the brand style guide, containing all of the brand elements that define Emporium Creative Hub. Just as important as the logo, the style guide ensures that the visual elements of the brand are accurately reproduced.

Brand personality sets the tone for all brand communications
Detailed specifications for colours and photography

The logo might be quirky and idiosyncratic, but the overall brand style is structured, understated and professional. The style guide also outlines the colour palette for the brand, a combination of warm muted tones inspired by interior design.

Bespoke website design

Building a website for Bendigo's new coworking space

With all of the branding and visual design elements in place, it was time for us to design, develop and launch a new website for Emporium Creative Hub.

Pre-launch landing page to capture interest (note: early brand name on landing page)

Website landing page

Our early efforts at social media were already generating lots of interest, so within a single day we built an elegantly designed “coming soon” landing page for potential tenants to register their interest, while we continued working on the main website. 

This temporary landing page became a focal point for our Facebook marketing, and it attracted over 60 enquiries within a couple of months prior to the launch.

Website strategy

The website strategy is driven by a conversion strategy that takes prospective customers on a journey from awareness through to consideration and decision-making. In short, Emporium Creative Hub needs tenants to fill the space, so the website needs to facilitate this.

The purpose of the website is to inform potential customers about the different types of coworking memberships, and to allow members to make online bookings. This involved coordinating the front end user experience with an external platform.

Website mockups are designed prior to development (note: early brand name in this mockup)

Custom website design

We started by creating a mockup design, and then moved onto front end development once that was approved. With our easy to use content management system we created a beautiful, responsive design that combines style and function.

Our team did all the copywriting for the website, and we launched the first version using premium stock photography that resonates with the brand style. Once renovations are complete, we'll update the website with photography from Emporium Creative Hub's interiors.

Getting the word out through PR and social media

Part of our tender brief was to promote Emporium Creative Hub to the creative community in Bendigo. We did this via a combination of social media promotion and traditional publicity.

Inspiring and engaging social media posts
Content of relevance and interest to the target audience.

Social media

Social media accounts were set up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which we posted to with branded organic content. This generated awareness of Emporium Creative Hub, and helped to grow their following base in order to facilitate name recognition.

Content creation was backed by advertising - post boosts, carousel ads and page like campaigns. Two early Facebook posts announcing the launch of Emporium Creative Hub received 2.8K and 2.9K reach respectively, with help from a couple of tiny $25 post boosts.

Our strategic approach to creative planning of social media content - and the inclusion of a rigorous approval process - worked well within the government requirements. 

Media event to announce commencement of construction in February 2020

Publicity and events

We engaged PR partner Greta Donaldson Publicity to help get the word out about Emporium Creative Hub. Using a direct strategy, Greta coordinated a successful media launch, with widespread newspaper, TV and radio coverage across local and regional markets.

Emporium Creative Hub is open now!

The doors were set to open in March 2020, but COVID-19 had other things to say about that! After building an audience and buzz over 2020, Emporium Creative Hub finally opened its doors to tenants in November.

In December we directed a photoshoot with the excellent local photographer Leon Schoots. And we think the place is looking amazing!

Emporium Creative Hub's workshop space
Resident tenants Blunt Agency using the small meeting room
Fully equipped project space

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