We developed a complete rebrand for Active Rehab, which now has a simple and elegant brand that combines all facets of their business - without the need for sub-brands or an additional website.

“Our branding needed a new lease of life and Ché helped us create a brand that strongly depicts our company values and personality. He was quick to understand the company and full of creative ideas of how to portray Active Rehab.”

Monica Stead

Marketing, Active Rehab


Active Rehab


Active Rehab
Active Rehab
Active Rehab

The Problem

Active Rehab had fallen into the trap of over-branding.

Initially, the Active Rehab team contacted us about a new website and some digital marketing. As the conversation got flowing we learnt they were in the process of refreshing their branding and incorporating a sub-brand to highlight their pediatric products. After a few attempts internally they knew they wanted to modernise their brand, but weren't exactly sure how to make it all work together. Enter Creative Revolution.

The Solution

One simple brand that embodies all facets of the business.

Through the brand strategy process we determined that they didn't need a separate brand for their pediatric products. Instead the best approach would be a single brand that could encompass every aspect of the organisation. And so the rebranding process began.

Once we had a clear direction of where we were heading, it was time to set sail. The next stage was the design of a new logo and development of a brand style guide. A consistent brand style guide was critical to highlight logo usage rules, colour palettes and typography. All of which could be applied to all future marketing efforts.

To solve the issue of incorporating both adult and pediatric products into one brand, two colour palettes were created with the pediatric colours being a brighter, more vibrant version of the adult colours.

Active Rehab

The Outcome

A corporate rebrand brings Active Rehab together.

By undertaking a full rebrand, Active Rehab now has a simple and elegant brand that combines all facets of their business without the need of a sub-brand. Previously they required two separate websites, one for pediatric products and one for adult products. The rebrand has lead to the development of a new website that encompasses all products, making management of the site much more streamlined.

The development of the brand style guide has also allowed for a good quality, single style design to be applied across all marketing material from online advertising to signage and even stationery.

Active Rehab is proof that a successful brand is built on a detailed strategy and executed through a consistent style guide.

Active Rehab

Rebuilding an existing brand to represent all facets of the business.

Who is Active Rehab?

Active Rehabilitation Equipment, or Active Rehab for short, is a family owned business that has been operating in the rehabilitation equipment industry for over 15 years. The team specialises in custom wheelchairs, pediatric products, hospital beds and floor and ceiling hoists, just to name a few.

What We Did:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Brand Collaterals
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Management

Behind any successful brand is a strong brand strategy that guides future marketing activities.

In order to complete a rebrand, you need to know exactly what you want it to achieve, how you want your business to be perceived, and how this will be reflected in marketing material.

The team at Active Rehab discovered this while undertaking a complete rebrand. To begin with we completed a brand strategy, which involved a complete audit of Active Rehab's current branding as well as a plan for future brand architecture, brand personality and brand positioning.

This process allowed us to develop a plan that aligns Active Rehab's brand with business values, goals, and the products that they offer.

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