James Davis is a startup entering the hotly contested market of personalised glassware. Initially approached to design a custom Shopify theme, we worked closely with the team to understand their brand identity, values and target audience to ensure we designed a custom solution that delivers results. We refined their branding with a new logo design and created a bespoke Shopify theme that reflects the luxury and high-end nature of their business and sets them apart in a highly competitive niche.


James Davis


James Davis
James Davis
James Davis

The Challenge

How to set yourself apart in a crowded niche?

James Davis saw a strong market opportunity in custom laser-engraved personalised glassware, but even in this particular niche there is strong competition and some very well established competitors. It isn't enough to simply jump into a market like this and say "me too", you need to show the audience how you are different and better than the market stalwarts.

From the outset of this project, we took a mindset of brand positioning and go to market strategy in everything we did. We wanted to make sure that the final product catapulted James Davis to the head of the pack from day one.

The Solution

A custom Shopify theme tailored to James Davis’ particular needs

By engaging Creative Revolution to design a custom theme, James Davis was able to outmatch their competitors in elegance, simplicity, and overall user experience.

We arrived at a 'dark mode' design style so as to set the brand apart from the competitors using light designs, to emphasise high-end luxury brand positioning, and to allow the personalised engraved glassware to really shine.

The design is elegant and minimalist, but importantly, still focused on usability and putting the emphasis on the products and personalisation user experience.

James Davis

Next Level Service

An adaptable and high-touch project experience, working directly with our creative director

Somewhat befitting of James Davis’ luxe personalised product, Ché worked intimately with the team at James Davis Group, adapting to changing circumstances as the brand refined their product offering and crystallised the brand's identity in the market.

Our flexible and hands-on approach allowed us to support James Davis in ways we could never have predicted at the outset, leading to superior results that simply couldn't be achievable with a more rigid and process-oriented approach. We helped James Davis with:

  • Brand positioning
  • Logo design refinement
  • Image selection and photo editing
  • Shopify setup and app integrations
  • SEO-oriented content copywriting
James Davis

A Custom Shopify Theme with Advanced User Experience Features

The James Davis website includes a range of specialised custom features and smart design choices that we'd love to highlight...

Easy to use personalisation fields and click-to-copy custom symbols.

Better Personalisation

Personalising your glassware is at the heart of the user experience on the James Davis website. It is arguably the single most important feature on the website.

However personalisation functionality adds a layer of complexity to the ecommerce shopping experience, and many of James Davis’ competitors took the easy route; shoehorning this functionality into a cookie-cutter theme. The result is a clumsy user experience flow, with long pages and extra steps that are far from intuitive.

On the other hand, the freedom of a custom theme design has allowed James Davis to provide a clean and simple personalisation user experience. Personalisation fields are brought as far up the product page as possible, with clear instructions and easy to use 'click-to-copy' custom symbols.

Deeper user engagement with live preview of glassware personalisation.

Pioneering Live Personalisation Preview

To top it all off, we were able to turn personalisation up to 11, by including a dynamic live preview feature where the personalisation lettering is displayed on the glassware as you type. We believe this feature will help to increase user engagement and conversion rates – as it gives the user a tangible example of what the product will look like with their own lettering.

In our research, we didn't find any competitors who are offering this feature so it should serve to set James Davis apart as a market-leader.

A custom Shopify theme allows for purposeful conversion-oriented design features to maximise sales.
Keeping users on the product page by answering common questions and concerns right then and there.

Conversion Focused Design to Keep Users on the Product Page for Longer

When designing any website, we always consider the purpose of each page or element from both the business perspective, and in terms of the needs of the audience. An ecommerce product page is supposed to convert visitors into customers (business perspective), and help users to decide if this is the best product for them (audience perspective).

And it is with these considerations in mind that we included:

  1. AfterPay information below price
  2. A duplicate product name and price to the left of the add-to-cart button
  3. Gift options near add-to-cart button
  4. Large high-contrast add-to-cart button
  5. Free shipping message below add-to-cart button
  6. FAQs, shipping, and returns information in a compact accordion section
Our custom full screen menu is both useful, engaging, and conversion-focused.

Finding Delight in a Full Screen Menu

In a show of our creativity and attention to detail, we created a gorgeous full-screen menu that features business info, contact details, categories and useful links, and a feature product. It is unexpected delights like this menu that set a website apart from the pack.

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