An elegant and minimalistic custom designed website that balances a modern architectural style with classic heritage touches that reflect the unique brand positioning of Realm Building Design. Structured for optimal SEO and lead generation performance.

“I am delighted with the new Realm website! Ché took the time to get to know us, what we do and how we do it and from his insight created the vision for our new online presence. He captured our tone and language together with showcasing our folio of work to create a beautiful visual experience that perfectly presents our brand. We are delighted with comments we are receiving about our website and definitely impressed with the increased level of visitation generating new conversations with quality clients. Thank you, Creative Revolution.”

Janita Norman

Lead Building Designer


Realm Building Design


Realm Building Design
Realm Building Design
Realm Building Design

Strategy & Scoping

Laying the foundation for success: comprehensive research and strategic planning.

The journey of Realm Building Design's remarkable website redesign started with meticulous strategy and scoping. We aimed to elevate the audience's perception of the firm by showcasing Realm's finest work, attract the right clientele through precise communication of their expertise, and boost Google rankings for relevant search terms by aligning site structure and content to target keywords.

This process involved extensive SEO keyword research, mapping searcher intent groups to content, and defining user audiences and user experience flows. The result? A solid foundation for a website that not only looks stunning but also drives tangible business results.

Custom Design

Aesthetics meet functionality: crafting an elegant, minimal, and delightful experience.

With a clarity and a sense of purpose it was now time to weave together the site structure, features and functionality with the unique brand positioning of Realm Building Design, to craft a custom website design that exudes elegance, minimalism, and a touch of class.

We focused on an image-oriented approach, drawing inspiration from modern architectural designs while incorporating delightful and surprising elements. Every aspect of the website was tailored to be visually stunning and user-friendly, ensuring that visitors are captivated by Realm's impressive portfolio and specialist expertise.

Realm Building Design

Development & Copywriting

Bringing the vision to life: seamless execution with engaging content.

After the designs were approved, we moved on to development and copywriting where all of the elements come together to form a cohesive final product.

Our approach to development emphasised design accuracy, elegant mobile responsiveness, and custom animations and transitions to create an immersive experience for the audience. We worked tirelessly to ensure that each element of the website was flawlessly executed.

At the same time, our copywriters crafted content that captures the essence of Realm Building Design. The copywriting tone was professional, intelligent, and informative, yet infused with personality and energy.

This combination of expert development and engaging content brings the vision of Realm Building Design to life, transforming their digital presence into a powerful marketing tool.

Realm Building Design

The Digital Future of Realm Building Design

We are super-proud of the new Realm Building Design website: it is an exquisite and minimalistic custom-designed website that harmoniously blends contemporary architecture with timeless heritage elements.

We like to think of this project as a shining example of masterful execution of end-to-end strategy, design, and technical delivery. As a boutique creative agency with expertise in web design, branding, and digital marketing, our mission is to deliver high impact creative solutions for Bendigo's small businesses, propelling them to new heights. And with we reckon we've done just that!

Visit to see for yourself

At the end of the day, the Realm Building Design website makes real our commitment to delivering exceptional web design, branding, and digital marketing services. So if you're considering hiring Creative Revolution for your next project, rest assured that we'll bring the same level of passion, expertise, and professionalism to create a digital presence that exceeds your expectations.

Together, let's revolutionise your business and take it to new heights.

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