After 35 years in business working with Melbourne's leading builders, it amazes us that VHC Engineers had never had a logo, or even a website for that matter. Never. But fear not! We changed all of that by developing a brand strategy to guide the development of a new brand identity followed by rollout of an extensive website design that elevates the brand in a competitive market landscape.


VHC Engineers


VHC Engineers
VHC Engineers
VHC Engineers
VHC Engineers
VHC Engineers

First-time logo and website for a 35-year-old engineering firm

This project was a great opportunity to exercise our ability to coordinate multiple strands of branding, collateral and marketing together into a single cohesive whole. We helped the client establish their brand, development a wide range of branded collateral, directed a photo shoot for website content, planned and designed and advanced website, and continue to support the client ongoing.

Brand Strategy and Logo Design

The first phase of this project involved heading down to Ferntree Gully to meet with the team and workshop their company and brand positioning going forward. From the workshop a brand strategy was developed, covering their audience, competitiors, competitive positioning, brand architecture, brand personality, and brand promise.

With a strong understanding of their brand and market we set forth to design three unique logo concepts that perfectly addressed the brief. After some refinement we arrived at the following branding solution:

VHC Engineers Logo ‚Äì Final Concept Presentation

This logo represents their focus on residential engineering, and their involvement in establishing the structure, slab, and foundations of a building. It feels modern and simple, while also being soft and earthy, which are key aspects of the personality of the brand.

Website Design and Development

The VHC Engineers website ended up being quite extensive and features a few exciting and interesting features.

100% Custom Website Design With Unique Features Such as Interactive Map

Chief among these unique features is an interactive map featuring pinpoints for over 18,000 soil samples that VHC Engineers has done over the last 10 years. The data is sourced from their internal Location Information System (LIS) application and de-personalised then integrated with a custom themed Google Map.

This might sound like a cool gimmick, but the feature was conceived and implemented as a way to demonstrate the sheer volume of experience that the firm has in geotechnical engineering in and around Melbourne. Trust in the experience and credentials of VHC Engineers is a significant factor identified in the website strategic planning.

VHC Engineers Website ‚Äì Expertly Optimised for All Device Sizes

Photo Shoot

During the website development process, we identified a lack in appropriate imagery and commissioned a photographer to shoot a series of images to fill gaps on the website. The photographer is a frequent collaborator of Creative Revolution and we were able to fully brief and guide the shoot to ensure we got the right images.

These photos ended up being vital to the overall success of the website, allowing us to deliver key messages with simple and powerful imagery.

Revolution CMS and Ongoing Support

After launching the website we are now providing ongoing site maintenance and support services on our Revolution CMS platform.

The client is able to make many minor changes that they need through the easy-to-use editor, and we are always available when needed with a full support ticketing system and direct access to key members of our team.

The VHC Engineers team enjoys easy inline content editing live in browser with Revolution CMS

The easy-to-use content editor is one of the biggest draw-cards to Revolution CMS; if you've ever tried to use the clunky style editors on other platform's you'll appreciate how nice it is to have a simple and intuitive editor to make basic content changes. Never having a website before, VHC Engineers has found it easy to learn how to edit their website.

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