Why Nobody on Facebook Likes You

February 2017
Melissa Sorini

If nobody likes you on Facebook, there’s usually a pretty good reason why. It might hurt to hear, but here’s five home truths you need to know.

Social media can feel a bit like those parties where everyone else seems to be well-liked, popular and having fun, while you’re struggling to hold a conversation with a pot plant in the corner. It’s no fun being ignored or disliked, and it’s certainly no good for your business.

So, to paraphrase the famous sonnet: How do I not like thee? Let me count the ways…

1. Your content is boring

Ouch. Sorry. No one likes to be told they are boring, but if you’re pumping out material and no one likes it, then it’s probably time to have a good look at what you are putting out there. There is so much content in Facebook newsfeeds that it can be hard to cut through and capture people’s attention. Great content can be many things to many people: the key is to know your target audience and give them what they want. Are they looking for useful, entertaining, informative or inspiring content? Do your headlines pop? Is the tone suitable? Once you get it right your popularity will soar.

2. You’re not promoting it

Let’s face it, unless you are paying to boost your posts then your organic reach is going to be minimal. Contrary to popular belief, Facebook is no longer a “free” platform, so you are doing your awesome content a massive disservice if you aren’t willing to actively promote it. The good news is that paying to boost your posts will cost you very little in real terms, and the beauty of Facebook is that you can define the specific target audience you wish to reach. Share your content on personal pages and in relevant groups too, and try to encourage comments because posts with good engagement get much higher reach.

3. You’re not posting regularly

It’s hard for people to like you if you don’t seem very interested in posting to your own page. One way to establish a good rapport with your audience is to post consistently. Coming up with a good mix of content and keeping your messages in people’s feeds on a regular basis is a great way to entice people to engage with you. The beauty of Facebook is that you can schedule your posts in advance, so that you can sit down on a Sunday night and upload an entire weeks’ worth of posts in one go, if that works for you better than posting every day.

4. You’re not engaging your audience

The key to engaging your audience is to know them. If nobody likes you it’s probably because you haven’t defined who you are trying to reach. If you want to create killer content that connects with people you need to know who you are speaking to. Defining your audience persona means getting a clear picture of who they are: their age, gender, level of education. Where do they work? What are their interests? What are their hopes, dreams, values and aspirations? What do they want from life, and how can you help them? Know these things, and you will succeed.

5. You’re not paying attention to your analytics

The beauty of Facebook is that you can click through on all your posts to see the performance analytics. You can determine the best days and times to post on your page, so you can upload content when your target audience is online. You can also see the likes, shares, comments and reach of every post at a glance. Once you’ve spent time with those analytics you’ll come away with a much greater understanding of the type of content that works on your page, so you can keep doing what works - and ditch the stuff that doesn’t.

Ultimately, the key to being liked on Facebook is to have a complete understanding of your target audience, so that you can create engaging content that addresses their needs, desires and interests.

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