8 Bendigo Businesses Doing Instagram the Right Way

July 2018
Che Stevenson

Okay, okay, it’s not exactly scientific and hardly official, but we have some top-shelf Instagrammers in our midst and they deserve recognition!

First, we’d like to establish that there is no ‘king’ or ‘queen’ of Instagram. We are simply awarding medals of merit in the following award categories. Based entirely on our subjective opinion, we present to you, the Bendigo businesses that shine in the Instagram world.

Most followers:
The Wall Collective

Here it is people, we have located the Instagram account with the most followers In Bendigo. Their gram is a shiny, happy album of quirky hooks and wall decal. One thing we absolutely love about their account is the use of their brand throughout curated images such as quotes and sales posts. We assume the other 36,000 grammers think the same!


The Wall Collective – Successful Bendigo Instagram Business

Best feed:
Bendigo Fashion Festival

Layout Layout Layout. Their layout is consistent and they have nailed the look of a flowing feed using a consistent colour of blue throughout imagery. Their posts feature a combination of reposts from local retail stores and inspirational quotes. It’s like a one stop shop right? We adore the consistency of their feed.


Bendigo Fashion Festival – Successful Bendigo Instagram Business

Most engaging:
Explore Bendigo

Explore Bendigo is the official Instagram page of Bendigo Tourism, with a unique approach to Instagram marketing. It encourages followers to share photos and experiences of Bendigo by hashtagging or @mentioning Explore Bendigo. It is a branded hashtag for Bendigo. Explore Bendigo has tackled engagement by ‘speaking’ to the online community through repost or comments from users that use the branded hash tag or mention the page.


Explore Bendigo – Successful Bendigo Instagram Business

Most active:
Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa offers a mine of style inspiration at our fingertips. What more could you want? Their account is totally regrammable; true statement, by other boutique fashion stores across the country! They keep their followers up to date with their constant posts on the daily. They even have an active engagement down pat with each photo hash tagging or mentioning the brand/product featured in the post.


Mona Lisa – Successful Bendigo Instagram Business

Most interactive:
Urth Café

Instagram is a social platform and being social is exactly what Urth Café does. Always taking the time to respond and like the comments on their posts. Their account has been spotted liking posts of other small businesses around Bendigo. This account has nailed the importance of growing your community and actually building relationships with their audience.


Urth Cafe – Successful Bendigo Instagram Business

Best use of Instagram Stories:
Bendigo Advertiser

The videos, pictures and text in Instagram stories grab your followers’ interest on an authentic and personal level. The Bendigo Advertiser knows why people are coming to their page: latest news in the community. It’s an Instagram story that straight up “tells the news” their audience will be interested in.


Bendigo Advertiser – Successful Bendigo Instagram Business

Best Profile:
Draw! The Meadow & Gathered

These two retail sister stores utilise the main features of a business profile. One thing that stood out for us was their Instagram bios; each profile contains a list of the brands they stock. Smart? We think so! If you love a brand and it’s listed in the first lot of text, it will capture your attention immediately and perhaps even to the website link which was put directly underneath!  


The Meadow – Successful Bendigo Instagram Business


Gathered – Successful Bendigo Instagram Business

Most Creative/Unique:
The Deluxe Hamper Company

This account sent us into a visual vortex! From beautiful bow touches to quirky boxes, the product offering is photographed in a variety of different ways. Often this account takes her followers ‘behind the scenes’ showing the process of creating the hampers. Let this inspire you to use Instagram in a way that is different to others.


The Deluxe Hamper Company – Successful Bendigo Instagram Business

There you have it! The top 8 business Instagrammers of Bendigo.

They have outshone others for one fundamental reason. While anyone can create an Instagram account and post photos, not anyone has the ability to accomplish what these businesses have.

Psst! While you're at it, why not check out Creative Revolution's humble Instagram feed: @crerevolution

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