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What Type of Instagram Character are You?

May 2018
Che Stevenson

But let’s be honest, the people around us fall into some pretty obvious stereotypes. Do you really think that only applies to everyone else? Are you REALLY that different to everyone else?

Who doesn’t love putting things in boxes? We sure do! So throw caution to the wind: read on to discover your hidden Instagram character!

Which one of these matches your Instagram character?

The Foodie

The Foodie generates a stream of brunch posts, frequent users of the hashtags #foodporn. You love to snap every meal you eat and every coffee you sip. You can usually be found brunching at boutique cafes and dining at restaurants.

Posts when: #outforbrekky #outforlunch #outfordinner #cooking

Loves to post: #food #coffee

Favourite hashtags: #foodporn #brunch #vegan #raw #cleaneating #foodstagram

Famous Foodies: @jamieoliver @we_are_food @keepitcleaner @dailyfoodfeed

The Selfie Queen

Known for having a consistent feed of similar posed selfies. You can be compared to the likes of Kim K and are known for pulling the same face (insert pout here) in every selfie.

Posts when: #lookinggood #dressedup

Loves to post: #makeuptutorialvideos #bikinipics #brandambassadorpics

Favourite hashtags: #selfie #happy #lookoftheday #instamood #selfienation #goodnight

Selfie Queens of IG: @KimK @Selena @KylieJ @MileyCyrus @ArianaGrande

The Proud Parent

Usually new parents documenting the first years of their child’s life. You are constantly taking pictures of your beloved child and love to capture all the cute things they get up to!

Posts when: #childissleepingandtheyfinallyhavefreetime

Loves to post: #sleepingbaby #laughingbaby #playfulbaby #smilingbaby

Favourite hashtags: #cutenessoverload #childofig #cutekidsclub #chubbybub

Famous Parents: @KimK @ZoTheySay @TheYoungMummy @Honest

The Gym Junkie

Has a consistent feed combining meal prep shots, gym workouts and topless selfies- in remarkably good lighting I might add. You are an expert in the industry and usually post pics with lengthy captions about motivation and PB’s.

Posts when: #atgym #aftergym #cookingupastorm #eatingaproteinbar

Loves to post: #mealpreps #gymselfies #beforeandafters #brandpics

Favourite hashtags: #gains #squats #cardio #bootyday #legday #fitnessmotivation

Famous Gym Goers: @TheRock @ArnoldSchwarzenegger

The Fashionista

The wave of ‘stylists’ usually post images of their daily outfits and favorite celeb fashion looks. Your posts usually contain opinionative captions, sharp attention to detail, tagging designer brands and using the hashtag #ootd.

Posts when: #atfashionparade #newoutfits #holidaying #eatingout

Loves to post: #flatlays #dailyoutfits #closeups #lifestylepics

Favourite hashtags: #fashionweek #style #ootd

Famous Fashion Bloggers/Blogs: @SincerelyJules @MargaretZhang @vamff @vogueparis

The Vacationer

Rio de Janeiro, Cancun and Maldives – always on vacation and documenting every second of it. Other users refer to you as ‘living the dream’ or at least living the dream through your Insta account.

Posts when: #onholiday #sightseeing #relaxingonabeach

Loves to post: #famouslandmarks #differentcuisines

Favourite hashtags: #momentsinthesun #vacay #sightseeing #solotravel #travelgram #wanderlust #tourist

Famous Travel Bloggers: @tuulavintage @lonelyplanet @budgettraveller @beautifuldestinations

The Party Animal

This person awakes from hibernation when a social occasion aka night out occurs and whilst under the influence of alcohol may document the moment with an insta pic. Feature posts include sloppy selfies, pics of beer and group shots of everyone having a good time! #yolo

Posts when: #outatnightclubs #athouseparties #drinkingwithfriends

Loves to post: #alcoholshots #groupselfies #drunkselfies

Favourite hashtags: #afterparty #slay #drinkdrankdrunk #hustle #saturday

Famous Party Animals: @parishilton @jonathancheban @theacademy

The Average Joe

Joe is a fictional character who associates with ‘an ordinary person’. You use Instagram to post only when it is convenient for you, other times you’ll be found sitting creepily behind the curtains and watching the world go by.

Posts when: #convenient #outandabout #hangingathome

Loves to post: #picturesofpets #food #lyrics #quotes

Favourite hashtags: #bored #netflix #food #sport #movies #chilling

Favourite Instagram action: #scrolling #following

The Lurker

We’ve all been there – 54 weeks deep into someone’s profile, about to zoom in when your finger accidentally double taps and the whole world comes crumbling down. An accidental like for an experienced lurker is embarrassing to say the least but that is part and parcel of using Instagram to track people’s lives. This stereotypical grammer loves to keep tabs on what their followers are up to.

Posts when: #never

Posts consist of: #regrams #air

Favourite hashtags: #stalker #lurker #imwatchingyou #judging

Typical Lurkers: #yourex #yourcrazycousin #yourbiggestfan

From the pictures you post, to the filters you choose, Instagram can reveal a lot about you! Of course you may not fit perfectly into one of these stereotypes, there are plenty of others out there, but after clear calibration and research these results show where majority fit into the broader scheme of the gram.

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