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Top Tips Revealed: Attract Customers With Facebook

June 2016
Che Stevenson

It’s no great secret that the visibility of your Facebook posts has plummeted in recent years, as more and more content floods daily news feeds. It’s the wail that can be heard all around the online world:

“How can we reach people on Facebook!?”

Recent algorithm changes have seen the organic reach of posts dropping to as low as 2%, leaving businesses and online marketers scratching their heads as they scramble to reconfigure their social media strategies and re-evaluate the worth of Facebook as a social media tool.

What is organic reach you may ask?

Organic reach refers to how many people you can reach on Facebook by posting to your page (without paying).

If you’re tearing your hair out in helpless frustration as you witness the reach and engagement of your Facebook posts dissipate, don’t despair. You’re not alone. And it’s not a lost cause.

There are a number of simple and effective methods that businesses can adopt to adapt to the new state of play in a challenging social media landscape. We reveal how to maximise your exposure on Facebook, attracting new customers and creating new business in the process.

Download our free eBook to discover:

  • How to build an audience on Facebook
  • How to get that audience over to your website
  • How to repackage your existing content for Facebook
  • The Top 5 ways to get noticed on Facebook

If you’ve ever wondered about “fluffy goals”, worried about your social media presence or pondered ways to reach potential customers, “How to Attract Customers with Facebook” is essential reading.

FREE BONUS MATERIAL: The “How to Attract Customers with Facebook” eBook also includes links to a wide range of additional FREE content: handy templates, “how to” guides and other invaluable marketing resources.

Bonus content includes:

  • 7 Facebook “Tips” and “Tricks” That Don’t Actually Work
  • Facebook Says These Are the 15 Best Brands on Facebook
  • The 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks and Ideas
  • The Marketers Crash Course in Visual Content Creation
  • How to Engage Fans on Facebook
  • How to Create Epic Facebook Ads

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