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Bendigo Plastic Surgery website development

A website with “wow” factor

As a renowned plastic surgeon, our client Richard Dickinson needed a complete head-to-toe makeover: having never had an online presence he needed a stunning website to attract and reassure his prospective clients.

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The plastic surgeon who needed a beautiful online presence

Richard runs a successful plastic surgery clinic, but with no branding and no website they were mostly relying on referrals and word of mouth for new patients. The decision to have surgery is not taken lightly, so the goal was to build a website that inspires confidence and trust; encouraging people to take the next step in their journey.

Bendigo Plastic Surgery Logo Colour Palette Refresh and Photographyo
Refined Logo Design Colour Palette and Professional Photography

The solution: Creative Revolution crafts a beautiful website with “wow” factor

As web design experts with years of experience under our belt, we know that beauty goes more than skin deep. Websites need to do more than just look “pretty” - in addition to aesthetics, they also need to be strategic and functional.

The client had no marketing collateral or website, so we were starting completely from scratch. Cosmetic treatments are offered by an increasing number of providers, so it was important to highlight Richard’s medical and surgical qualifications.

There was also the need to counter the misconception that a Bendigo-based surgeon is not as good as a city one. One of our primary goals was to convert visitors into sales leads, through contact forms inviting users to request a no-obligation consultation.

Website strategy

Identifying the target audience

We identified two key audience profiles: plastic surgery candidates and non surgical patients. The non surgical candidates were mostly female - as were the surgery candidates - but there was still a strong contingent of male patients. The audience want to feel better about themselves, and to be reassured they have found the right surgeon.

Converting prospects to leads

The goal was to convert prospects - who might be tentative - to contact the clinic in order to make an enquiry or to book a consultation, so a contact form appears on each page. Google Analytics was setup to track a visit to the contact us page as a goal conversion, because many users do not use enquiry forms and will simply email, call, or drop in.

Bendigo Plastic Surgery Website Our Practice Page Team List on iPad
Elegant Mobile Device Responsive Website Design

Website design and development

Building the content management system

We developed Bendigo Plastic Surgery’s web application from the ground up using the Drupal content management system, which has the flexibility to add and remove pages easily. The clinic offers a wide variety of services, so the site was set up with separate sections for “Surgical” and “Non Surgical” procedures in order to make navigation easier.

Content writing

As many of the services being offered were medical, it was important for the copywriting to be factual and authoritative, but without using excessive terminology that the target audience won’t understand. By describing procedures in clear and transparent terms, potential candidates are more likely to feel informed and reassured to take the next step.


Our brief for photography was to avoid the cheesy and sexualised imagery that is seen on other plastic surgery websites, because that would undermine the serious medical work that the clinic does. Instead, our imagery was tasteful, relatable and fresh looking, with lots of natural light; a deliberate choice to avoid alienating the male audience.

Professional Photography – Skin Procedures
Professional Photography – Richard Dickinson in Theatre
Professional Photography – Abdominoplasty Assessment
Commissioned Professional Photography to Complement Website Design

The results: we launched a fully-formed brand with an attractive high-end website

Unique, mature branding that resonates with the target audience

Surgery can be expensive and comes with risks, so it is important for the Bendigo Plastic Surgery branding to inspire trust and confidence in the competence of the clinic and its practitioners. We came up with a professional and mature looking brand that not only looks appealing, but also reassures patients that special care is taken at every level.

A polished and professional website that answers user needs

We developed an aesthetically appealing and easy-to-navigate website that answers user needs, giving them comprehensive information about the procedures they are seeking and offering easy ways to contact the clinic in order to take the next step in their journey. The finished product looks high-end; conveying trust and quality care.

A final word…

We’re really proud of the results of our “digital makeover” for Bendigo Plastic Surgery. The logo and website achieve the perfect balance of aesthetics and function, combining appealing design with useful information and an easy-to-navigate menu structure that considers the needs of the users first and foremost - and that’s a thing of true beauty.

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