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8 Reasons Why You Should - Or Shouldn't - Build Your Own Website

March 2019
Melissa Sorini

It’s the eternal question pondered by business owners all over the world - “Should I build my own website or should I hire a web designer?”

DIY is certainly tempting, but for every smiling celebrity spruiking the benefits of building your own website on Wix, there are just as many people rocking in the corner screaming “What the heck is SEO and why didn’t anyone tell me this was going to be SO HARD!?”

(Hint: those celebrities are smiling because they are being paid to *and* because they’ve never actually had to build their own website. They have people for that).

Like anything, the answer to this question is different for everyone, so we’ve put together a short list of reasons why you should - or shouldn’t - build your own website.

Here’s four reasons why you SHOULD build your own website

1) You’re already skilled in strategy, design, coding, SEO, writing and website hosting

This one is a no-brainer, because anyone with the right training can build brilliant websites. Web design appears deceptively simple but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, and if you don’t possess a suite of skills in design, coding, SEO, copywriting and hosting it can be a hard graft. Side note: If this is you, please send us your resume!

2) You want a new website *yesterday* and you aren’t too fussy about the end result

DIY web builders allow you to throw together a simple and “good enough” website with relative ease, but what you gain in convenience you lose in cookie-cutter design, and these limitations can impact on user experience. People are incredibly demanding and impatient - a poor experience on your website will see them clicking away in droves.

3) You like being self-taught and have heaps of spare time for online web design tutorials

Some people love the challenge of trying to conquer something just because it’s there to be conquered - no judgement here! With enough trial and error, time, effort, YouTube videos, FAQs, support forums, more errors, head scratching and help documentation… you can totally get there. With the right amount of determination it can be done.

4) You have a tight budget and you need to pinch the purse strings

We get it, we really do... Not everyone has the budget for a web designer, and we’d never judge anyone for making the best use of the resources they have available to them. DIY web builders are a decent option when the money for design just isn’t there - and you can always upgrade later when you have the budget.

Here’s four reasons why you SHOULDN’T build your own website

1) You’re busy running your own business and don’t have time to become a web design expert overnight

Specialisation is a wonderful thing, and it’s why human civilisation is so advanced. You’re the expert at running your business and web designers are the experts in web design. Would you engage a plumber to represent you in court? Or hire an architect to bake you a three-tiered wedding cake covered in edible flowers? Same principle.

2) You want advanced functionality and third-party integrations (trust us, you do)

This is where good web design really pays for itself, because a designer will come to the table with specific technical skills that most people will simply never have. You’re going to need a professional in your corner if you want to integrate with your ERP, synch data between multiple platforms, or provide a unique online experience to your customers.

3) When design and branding is important to your business

A web designer will design a site that is unique to your brand and which sets you apart from the competition. DIY platforms generally remove design and control in favour of useability, so you’ll be working from a handful of templates that lead to a pretty ‘vanilla’ website. Note: vanilla is a great flavour for cookies, not company websites.

4) When results are important to your business

If your website is focused on driving business success – sales leads, ecommerce sales, event bookings – you need to make sure that the design, structure, and user experience encourages the right behaviours and meets your audience’s needs, leading to a better on site experience for your customers and a better conversion rate for you.

The final word

Hiring a web designer doesn’t have to cost the earth, and there are a number of agencies which offer a less expensive service than their city equivalents. These provide a viable third alternative to the extremes of cheap DIY or expensive bespoke design: professional web design without the hefty price tag, and quality solutions that get results.

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