Strategic Services

Digital Research

Knowing the state-of-play is important when you need to know where to begin or how to move forward. Creative Revolution is more than just a team of creatives, we have years of experience in website analytics and online research.
Digital research involves the meticulous generation of metrics related to things like competitor comparisons, keyword ranking, SEO research and target group research, amongst other things. All of this information is collated and assessed with your business objectives in mind, and it informs the direction of our strategy.

Website Strategy

A poorly-designed website will be hard to use and might turn potential leads away. Putting together a well-designed website is something that requires expert input from professionals who know web development and graphic design, and not left in the hands of a layperson.
It is vital that your website is optimised for search engine “bots” and that it features design and layout which has the user firmly in mind. We work closely with our web developers to ensure your website ranks well in SEO and provides a seamless user-experience.

Social Media Strategy

Social media is an exciting new forum for businesses to communicate directly with their customers, but the number of different platforms can feel overwhelming. What social media platform is right for your business?
The best platform will depend on whether you are using a business-to-business or business-to-customer model, and we can help choose where to direct your efforts and how to set your social media goals. It is important to remain familiar with the terms of use and best practices of each platform, and we can help with content curation and image use as well.

Digital Campaigns

By definition, we are a creative team – it’s in our nature and our business name!We will oversee your digital campaign from start to finish, coming up with fresh and exciting angles that make your business “pop” online.
An effective digital campaign requires in-depth strategy and planning, covering everything from market research and competitor analysis through to implementation and measures of success. More than just a creative team, we are experts in analysis, and we will take your campaigns to greater heights with comprehensive performance analytics.

Inbound Marketing

Would you like more visitors to your website or social media platforms? Inbound marketing makes your business easy to find: it attracts people through engaging content that piques their interest and draws them in.
Done correctly, it can turn your customers into passionate advocates of your brand, as they share your content with their existing social networks. Unlike outbound marketing, inbound strategies encourage a positive two-way conversation that promotes brand awareness, creates authentic connection and makes your business stand out.