Lead Advisory Group's website looked dated, even though it was recently built. The user experience was substandard, with a complicated navigation set-up and difficult to read colour scheme. We stepped in to save it, creating a totally new design that combines form with functionality.


Lead Advisory Group


Lead Advisory Group
Lead Advisory Group
Lead Advisory Group
Lead Advisory Group
Lead Advisory Group

Dated financial services website goes from “drab” to “fab” with a totally new design

Taking the Lead website from mundane to modern 

Lead Advisory Group's previous website was functional, but dated. The site menu was overcrowded, with multiple items that should have been consolidated into fewer pages. 

The overall colour scheme was dark, with a heavy black background that didn't do justice to Lead's colourful branding, and walls of white text that felt overwhelming in places.

Sleek, clean and colourful design

Custom animations add life and movement to the homepage

We came up with a brand new design for the website, incorporating a variety of dynamic colours and geometric shapes that were inspired by the Lead Advisory Group logo.

The new design was eye-catching, colourful and bright - without overwhelming the user. We used a combination of lighter and darker backgrounds, to balance the overall look.

We then consolidated the content through strategic editing; adding engaging subheadings, removing duplicate material and ensuring that related content appeared on the same page.

Transforming the user experience

The pivotal about us page features animated banner

The end result is a colourful new website that does justice to the Lead Advisory Group brand, giving it a fresh modern style that also looks professional and approachable.

Navigation is much more user friendly, with main menu items that clearly point the user to Lead's list of services, financial tools, blog posts and business information.

Lead Advisory Group offers a wide range of services, so in addition to simple navigation it was important for the content to be clear and direct, without unnecessary duplication.

The client was thrilled with the end result, and we continue to work on monthly SEO optimisation campaigns to help boost the performance of the Lead website.

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