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Adroit Conveyancing Google Ads campaign

From "DIY" to "Done Professionally" – a 250% Google Ads improvement in just five months

Adroit Conveyancing started running their own Google Ads campaign, with limited results. They came to us for help, and within just five months we had increased their Google Ads performance by 250%. Our campaign continues to be their main source of new clients.

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The journey from DIY to "done by professionals"

Adroit Conveyancing started the way that a lot of budget-conscious small businesses do - with a DIY website, letter box drops and their own attempts at digital marketing. After googling "DIY Google Ads" in January 2019, they discovered Google Express and were impressed with how easy it was to set up, create budgets and generate reports.

Off to a shaky DIY start with Google Express

They soon discovered the downsides of Google Express. The options werelimited and the cost per click was reasonable but their budget didn't go far. It did - however - show them that Google Ads worked, which gave them the confidence to increase their ad spend.

Starting in January with a $100 spend, they got 5 new clients. By April, they had increased their spend to $150 and received 12 new clients. However, in May, this dropped to just 2 new clients.

Professional help (from us!) nets a 250% increase

The team at Adroit Conveyancing received a phone call from another digital marketing firm, who explained the difference between Google Express and the full platform. They were ready to jump on board, until they outlined the marketing spend they would need to commit to – it was beyond their tiny budget.

And that's where Google came in handy again! Sharon at Adroit Conveyancing googled for digital marketing agencies in Bendigo, and came across us. She loved that we gave her the flexibility to set their own ad spend, so we could accommodate their budget.

Keyword Research and Campaign Rebuild

We started by thoroughly researching they Google search terms their target audience uses to find conveyancers. The goal is to identify those terms that indicate a high level of purchasing intent, which will lead to high conversion rates.

With the new targeting established we moved forward with a full campaign rebuild in Google Ads professional campaign platform. We restructured the campaign, rewrote all of the ad copy, emphasised phone calls, and established conversion tracking.

The proof is in the results

Google Ads success... Let's look at the numbers

Our campaign was launched on May 15th with just a $500 spend, and this is how it performed:

• May: 14 new clients

• June: 28 new clients

• July: 18 new clients

• August: 21 new clients

• September: 23 new clients

• October: 35 new clients

The majority of Adroit Conveyancing's new clients are generated via our Google Ads campaign, and the business has since reinvested some of the proceeds in improving their SEO and updating the look of their website.

We're thrilled at the success of the campaign – and so are our clients.

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