Digital Marketing

Kerfab's Results Soar Thanks to Integrated Inbound Marketing Campaign

March 2018
Che Stevenson

An integrated inbound marketing strategy can completely transform a businesses results. Kerfab learnt just that when they realised something was missing from their current digital marketing plan.

What We Did:

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Online Advertising
  • Website Lead Generation
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Brand Refresh
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Brand Collaterals

Who is Kerfab?

Kerfab is a wholly owned family business that manufactures equipment for the agricultural, industrial, civil, and waste handling industries throughout Australia and New Zealand. Kerfab, unlike other material handling specialists, have the ability to provide the design, engineering and manufacturing of their products all within their own network.

The Problem

Unlike some of our other clients Kerfab were not new to the digital scene. Originally they contacted Creative Revolution to create some print advertisements. We got talking and soon realised they had a digital marketing program in place with another agency but they didn’t love it.

Results weren’t great, reports were complicated and confusing and there was no integration of the marketing strategy to the sales team. Kerfab knew inbound marketing was valuable, but felt their current strategy just wasn’t quite right.

The Solution

Upon reviewing Kerfab’s existing strategy we recognised straightaway what was missing – structure and integration. Inbound marketing is super effective, but it has to be implemented in a way that compliments all other facets of a business.

This lead to the first step: develop a brand new inbound marketing strategy that provided an overarching structure to all marketing and sales efforts. Once this strategy had been developed it was time get started.

Enter multi-faceted monthly campaigns. Due to Kerfab operating within a seasonal industry we recognised the value in running campaigns that were relevant to what their customers wanted at that particular time of year. Each campaign was then executed through all channels from website lead generation, email marketing, online advertising as well as the introduction of a social media presence.

Kerfab’s issue of complex reporting called for a simple yet detailed breakdown of results. This was achieved by creating a monthly report that featured a dashboard of overall results for the month as well as a breakdown of each area of the campaign. This way they knew exactly how each campaign was performing, as well as what did and didn’t work when planning future campaigns.

The Outcome

Thanks to an updated inbound marketing strategy Kerfab have excelled with results improving month after month. Over a 12 month period they experienced a 46% increase in leads generated by their website and a 54% increase in visitors from social media and online advertising. Due to these impressive results we are currently in the process of reviewing the current strategy to begin planning the next 12 months for Kerfab.

There you have it, a business that originally came to us to produce three print ads a month now has a real focus on digital. And as for those print ads, well we only produce one of those every few months now, so we think the effectiveness of inbound marketing kind of speaks for itself.

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