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Creative Revolution will partner with Greta Donaldson Publicity and Leon Schoots Photography to deliver a comprehensive and coordinated branding, website design, digital marketing, events and public relations campaign for the launch of the Bendigo Creative Industries Hub (BCIH) in 2020.

By selecting Creative Revolution and our hand-picked partners you will enter into a fruitful and flexible partnership that will create an iconic brand for BCIH and deliver a stellar campaign that produces broad awareness and strong uptake of hub membership.

Outcome oriented

Pillars of Success

Generating Broad Awareness

By generating wide awareness we can generate buzz and ensure that messages filter down to the ideal target market of creative industries. There are over 7500 registered businesses in Bendigo, most of these being small and micro businesses. Within this market, creative industries are a small niche that has not had a unifying force like BCIH promises to be. 

Appeal of Brand and Facility

The interior design and branding of BCIH will directly influence the uptake of tenancy. We are targeting the creative industries niche, which is made up of creative and artistic people. Individuals will need to be inspired and excited by the ‘vibe’ of the space in order for them to see the value in investing in a membership.

Converting Interest into Action

Awareness and appeal is worthless if it is not backed up with strong conversion activity. Individuals do not make major decisions in a single go; the ultimate success of securing tenancies is reliant on engaging and converting interested parties through multiple touch points over time.

Structured Process

Project Delivery

Establishment Stage

The establishment phase starts immediately and concludes with the completion of hub photography and video content on 27 February. Key activities:

  • Brand Strategy, Logo Design and Collateral
  • Interior Fitout Consultation
  • Comprehensive Communications Plan
  • Website Design
  • Creative Video and Photography

Activation Stage

The activation stage starts in mid November 2019 and continues through three distinct phases until the completion of the project at the end of June 2020.

  • Phase 1: Pre Launch – Anchor Tenant, Coming Soon, Buzz Building, Social Media,
  • Phase 2: Launch – Launch Party, Social Media, Anchor Tenant Announcement, Launch Party Media
  • Phase 3: Post Launch – Free "Come and Try" Week, Guided Tour, Social Media, Success Announcement, SEO

Management Stage

The management stage underpins the other stages and extends for the duration of the project.

  • Project Management – Weekly WIP Meetings, Presence at Hub
  • Reporting – Monthly Reports, Final Report
Your New Partners

A Skilled and Experienced Team

Ché Stevenson

Founder and Creative Director, Creative Revolution

Ché has over 16 years of experience in the creative industries and brings a unique combination of creative flair and strategic thought to every project – the art and the science, as he puts it. Ché has a Bachelor of Graphic Design from La Trobe University, Certificate IV in Project Management, and a Certificate in Direct Marketing.

Melissa Sorini

Content Manager, Creative Revolution

Melissa has 20 years experience in advertising and publishing, is an accomplished writer and blogger and brings strong content strategy and organisational skills to the team. Melissa holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Sociology) from Macquarie University as well as a Diploma of Direct Marketing.

Greta Donaldson

Greta Donaldson Publicity

Greta specialises in communications strategy, media relations, editorial development and placement, product placement, media kit development and social media strategy. Greta has 25 years experience in event management, brand activations, creative stunts and installations, guest list management and media accreditation, and VIP and talent management.

Leon Schoots

Leon Schoots Photography

Graduating with a Bachelor of Photography, Leon has years of experience as a full-time freelancer. Based in regional Victoria, his commercial photography and video specialises in a range of genres, including food, lifestyle and interiors. Leon is a skilled video producer, and collaborates with business to integrate video into their digital marketing strategy.

Proven results

Project Experience

Creative Revolution has significant experience in building strong memorable brands, websites and digital marketing campaigns that resonate with target audiences and deliver measurable results. Below are a few examples of projects with relevance to this proposal.

Nexxt Group branding, website design, and digital marketing strategy