10 Reasons You’re Not at the Top of Google

Google is the Summer Olympics of search engines: a highly competitive environment with plenty of contenders vying for the number one spot on the podium. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming if you’re a smaller player, but it’s still possible to improve your performance by being smart and strategic.

Here are ten reasons why you’re not at the top of the Google rankings just yet (and some clever ways to climb the ladder)


Calling All Graphic Designers: We're Hiring! (Closed)

Please note: applications have closed for this position.

It's on! We're hiring for a Digital Graphic Designer.

Hopefully your portfolio game is strong! Now is the time to show us what you've got:

We live and breathe digital.


Scared of Digital? Here's The Alternative Marketing Guide

We’ve established that digital marketing is scary but we need to find effective ways to get the word out about our business, so we’ve created this list of awesome tips for you.


How Much Does a Customer Cost?

Maybe a better way to say it is: how much does YOUR customer cost? Have you ever asked yourself this question? The answer... your answer has the potential to transform your business.

The boffins call it Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) but I prefer to call it simply cost per customer. Put it another way: Do you know how much it costs to 'buy' a customer with your marketing efforts?


Love or Hate? Our Top Re-Brands of 2016

Last year, several large companies took the plunge and overhauled their image. Join us as we pass verdict: who failed, who succeeded and who shouldn’t have even bothered?


Two Become One: How a Corporate Rebrand Brought Active Rehab Together

Behind any successful brand is a strong brand strategy that guides future marketing activities. The team at Active Rehab discovered this while undertaking a complete rebrand. 



A Logo is Not a Brand

Join us as we attempt to explain in clear and simple language what a brand is, what a logo is and why you need both.


Quiz: What is Your Brand Personality?

Wouldn't it be great if there was a fun quiz you could take to uncover the hidden personality of your brand? Well I went and made one: here it is...

Branding is so much more than a logo. The true power in a brand lies in the identity of the brand, and understanding your brand personality archetype is a great way to unlock your brand's essence.


Kerfab’s Results Soar Thanks to Integrated Inbound Marketing Plan

An integrated inbound marketing strategy can completely transform a businesses results. Kerfab learnt just that when they realised something was missing from their current digital marketing plan.


The Four Stages of Inbound Marketing

If the Digital Age had an anthem like “Video Killed the Radio Star” the lyrics would sing the praises of inbound marketing and lament the decline of traditional forms of outbound marketing like purchasing advertising space, buying email lists and digging around for leads.

Inbound has left an indelible mark on the online landscape since 2006, and more and more businesses are leaving those old marketing methods to gather dust on the shelf, the same way we did with those old VHS copies of classic 80s movies. Join us as we define inbound and bid a fond adieu to outbound.


When Inbound Marketing Won't Work For You

In my humble opinion inbound marketing is the bees knees, but I can tell you – from bitter experience – that sometimes it just won’t work for you.

It’s definitely tough to admit, but sometimes inbound marketing simply is not going to work. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a remarkable strategic framework for digital marketing, I can’t fault it, but when it comes to actually applying inbound marketing in your business, sometimes it’s just not meant to be.

Here are my top times when inbound marketing won’t work for your business.


Inbound vs Outbound Marketing: Can There Only Be One Winner?

If “Inbound vs Outbound Marketing” could be billed as some sort of title fight it would be less like pairing George Foreman and Muhammad Ali in their prime, and more like one of those perennially mismatched bouts where the lesser contestant gets KO’d in the first couple of rounds. Because truth be told, inbound marketing has overpowered it’s traditional rival with a deft and speed that’s almost embarrassing.

So how do the two shape up, and why has inbound eclipsed its old marketing rival?

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