At Creative Revolution we constantly push the limits of creativity, we move mountains to smash your expectations, and we always deliver stellar results.

Ché Stevenson

Founded in 2006 by Ché Stevenson, a graphic designer with over 12 years commercial experience, Creative Revolution has steadily grown over the last eight years and is now an award-winning digital marketing agency.

If you need a digital marketing campaign, new or updated website, fresh new branding, or any other creative services, look no further – you have come to the right place. 

Meet the Team


Content Queen

Stephanie is an experienced writer, marketer, project manager and grant maker with more than five years’ experience.

Stephanie Flynn
Digital Marketing Coordinator

Art & Science

Ché posesses a rare combination of strategic vision and creative insight. He is madly in love with digital marketing, oh and he's also a massive film buff! 

Ché Stevenson
Founder / Creative Director

Social Star

Ellyse is a social media guru, gaining followers like there's no tomorrow. She is fun, energetic and super organised. We're sure she's gonna be a reality TV star one day!

Ellyse Roper
Digital Marketing Coordinator

Driven by DESIGN

Amber lives and breathes design. Whether it's perfecting a page layout, nailing a website mockup, or just the perfect Insta shot, Amber just can't get enough of design.

Amber Ladd
Digital Graphic Designer


Melanie has a heart of gold but she doesn't suffer fools. Our accounts are always ship-shape thanks to her keen eye. Oh, and she's also a devoted mother of 4!

Melanie Stevenson
Accounts Officer


Creative Revolution is Bendigo's most exciting and innovative digital marketing agency, offering a full suite of marketing services with a special focus on the cutting edge of online and digital media.

World class digital marketing, right here in Bendigo.

Live in the future

We immerse ourselves in the digital and online media, staying on top of the latest trends. But we don’t stop there; we are constantly looking forward, seeking out the path to the future. 

Innovate or die

We use our future insights to continuously innovate. We believe that in today’s commercial environment, innovation must be core business or we (and our clients) will fall quickly behind.

Exceed expectations

We will not rest until our clients are completely happy. This means we consistently hold ourselves to the highest standards and relish in achieving well above our client’s expectations.

Deliver results

We are focused on delivering results for our clients. We don’t think of ourselves as a provider of services, we are a provider of results. When we deliver results we provide true value.

Website Design Packages

Get started with a custom website that helps to grow your business.

Download our website design PDF to see the full details of our three most popular packages, including package levels, pricing, and features.

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